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too much of a good thing


It’s not deep-dish, more like kiddie-pool-dish, but it’s a start.

I’ve geeked out on Daiya too many times to mention. From grilled cheese to pizza, it’s allowed me to enjoy cheese—or at least the spirit of cheese—something I never really liked in dairy form.

The one thing I thought it would be perfect for was the Chicago deep-dish pizza, and I had on my to-do list a good old-fashioned cornmeal crust, a la Lou Malnati’s (my go-to birthday dinner growing up). I never got around to it, but I did pick up a frozen cornmeal crust to give the concept a test run.

There is a good, solid quarter inch of Daiya on that crust, then the top layer is canned plum tomatoes (most of the liquid squeezed out) squished together with herbs and spices. ‘Cause that’s how we do.

It was just too much. Too rich. Too thick. Too too. I reeeeeeally didn’t need that second piece. Then again, with Chicago-style pizza, you rarely need that second piece. And afterwards you lean back and pat your belly, then say something really mean and sarcastic to someone you love.

So have I lost my tolerance for lead-belly pizza? Or is vegan cheese just not ready yet for the Chicago treatment? You best believe I’ve yet to give up this fight.


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