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it’s cinnaminny

They’re Mrs. Fields cinnamon sugar cookies, twice removed. A friend of mine sent me a copycat recipe she found, knowing it would be easy to veganize. Sure was. I’ve never had the original cookie so I can’t tell you how close it is, but it was crazy good. The texture is light and fluffy yet has a tender chew to it. As usual, I used my Penzey’s cinnamon (by far the best cinnamon I’ve had), and I bumped up the salt a little. The recipe is just made for halving, which I always do for trial runs…or when I know something’s going to be so good I won’t stop eating until it’s gone. Both apply to this one—we polished these cookies off in what had to be record time.

I’ve been thinkin’ on what I should bring to the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale at the end of the month (April 29, at Green Microgym on Alberta, if you’re in Portland and want to support Try Vegan PDX and Vegan Iron Chef), and this might be it. I do have a few more experiments planned between now and then, so we’ll see.

Make ’em your own self:
Rollin’ sugar
• 3 T sugar
• 1 T cinnamon (don’t scrimp!)

• 2½ c AP flour
• ½ t baking soda
• ½ t salt
• 1 c brown sugar (the darker the better, for that molassassy kiss)
• ½ c sugar
• 1 c Earth Balance (I used the original tub kind)
• Ener-G egg replacer for 2 eggs
• 2 t vanilla extract (again, go for the good stuff)

Cream EB and sugars with an electric mixer. Add Ener-G and vanilla, then beat until light and fluffy. Add the dry ingredients, which you of course mixed together in a separate bowl, and blend until combined—don’t go overboard. Cover and chill for a bit so it’s easier to roll into balls. Roll in 1-inch balls and coat in your cinnamon-sugar, then place onto an UNgreased cookie sheet about 2 inches apart (these need some elbow room). Bake at 300° for about 20 minutes. Move them immediately onto a sheet of wax paper or cutting board to cool.


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