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shortcut tempeh stir-fry

I hate marinating. I’ve said it before, I know, but I hate it so much that I’ll never tire of bitching about it. Unless it’s a special—and I mean special—occasion, I don’t want to have to start prep work on my dinner hours ahead.

This makes tempeh somewhat challenging. Sure, you can do a cheater version of marinating if you add a bunch of liquid at the beginning of your cooking, allowing the tempeh to soak up some flavor, but unless you’re dealing with tiny pieces the flavor never really gets in deep. Two recipes that do work quite well with this are tacos and baked BBQ tempeh. They both take some time over a hot stove/oven, but they’re foolproof and delightful.

OR…you can take a shortcut and pick up some premarinated tempeh strips. I’ve had the Lightlife bacony strips, which never fail for a spontaneous TLT (or TOALT, with onion and avocado). And what you see up there is Turtle Island (the Tofurky people) marinated strips. Sesame garlic. Mmmmm. While the rice is cooking you chop up some peppers, pea pods, carrot, and anything else you can find in the fridge and throw it in the wok with your sizzlin’ tempeh. Ridiculously fast and probably the healthiest thing you’ll eat all week.

I realize I’ve never really talked about brown rice. The fact is when I’m ordering out and brown rice is an option, I will order it nine out of ten times. But when I’m home, I just don’t care enough—except on those special occasions I mentioned earlier—to cook it myself. I will, however, bend to totally wasteful convenience packaging from time to time, splurging on those boxes of frozen brown rice at Trader Joe’s. I curse myself every time, but honestly, it could be worse, and I’m eating more brown rice than I would otherwise. So I’m stuffin’ my sorrys in a sack and I’m gonna keep on doing it. Until I get my act together to cook up a crap-ton of brown rice and freeze it myself, it’s my little indulgence. I’m sure you have yours.


5 thoughts on “shortcut tempeh stir-fry

  1. No comments on the tempeh, since I haven’t tried it.
    But as to the rice – I don’t get it. Brown rice isn’t takes a few minutes longer to cook, but it’s not harder… Soak the rice for 1/2 to an hour before cooking speeds it up a bit.
    With a rice cooker, (you can get ’em for a decent price) it’s embarassingly easy!

    • 30-60 minutes more prep time there–when rice appears on my plate it’s for a quicky meal (or sushi). soaking counts.

      don’t have a rice cooker. it’s not the money it’s that i don’t want more stuff. honestly, rice by pot is easy as all get-out. brown just takes more time.

      and you have to try tempeh–unless you’re allergic to soy, of course. so good and good for you.

  2. Don’t know why, but I’ve been meaning to try Tempeh for a few years now, and haven’t..must write it at the top of my list for the next ‘city shop’.
    Rice cooker: have searched far and wide for a stainless steel insert, even trying 2nd hand stores for one to fit. What I did was coat with oil & bake till the insert was dark brown, hoping to make a barrier between aluminum and rice. Can’t believe none of the rice cooker companies hasn’t come up with a stainless pot yet.
    Soaking counts? I guess you’re starving by the time you get home.

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