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worldwide vegan bake sale, portland edition

Portland actually hosted two bake sales during Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale week, one supporting SPECIEES and one supporting Try Vegan PDX and Vegan Iron Chef. Between the two, more than $1300 was raised. Not too shabby, Portland.

For the SPECIEES one I just dropped off some cookies, but I stuck it out for the afternoon and very chilly evening for the Try Vegan sale. I even made that sweet sign you see up there. Jess at Get Sconed! has more photos (I stole this one from her)—there’s one of us (I’m in the green sweatshirt) trying to keep everything dry during our brief but mighty crappy rainstorm.

It was my first bake sale ever. You see, having weird germ phobias, I don’t eat public food. Can’t pick a piece of cookie out of the bakery sample bowl, can’t stick my hand into a communal bag of chips, can’t share popcorn with a friend. When companies are sampling their wares, if I judge the sampling to be hygenic and fresh (in separate little cups or with toothpicks sticking out) I can do it, probably thanks to health codes and regulations and whatnot. But a bake sale is a big freakin’ crapshoot. Not a problem for most people, but I can’t help but picture finger-licking, cat hair, or worse. Again, it’s my neurosis and I have to live with it.

The health inspector who happened by and tried to shut us down used this sort of reasoning as to why we shouldn’t be able to offer home-baked goods to people who are well aware of the fact that these are home-baked goods. I mean, when you buy stuff from a bunch of chicks on the sidewalk, you’re kinda signing on for that.

What was odd was that the health inspector (after learning we had no eggs or dairy in our goods) agreed to let us sell cookies but said everything else had to go. Whatever. We just moved our contraband to an indoor location until the very end of the night. I checked online for permit information—just what were the rules? Well, apparently it’s impossible to have a legal bake sale in Oregon. Every baker would have to have a kitchen inspection. Un-bloody-likely.

So if you’re on board for next year, find a cause, bake some stuff, use social networking for good, and research your city’s permit requirements…then decide if you can follow them. You bad-ass outlaw baker, you.


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