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sun-dried tomato mush-up

Remember the sun-dried tomato spread I had on my trip to Vancouver BC? Turns out it takes all of two minutes to make. Sure, you could put some effort into it and from-scratch it. Or…

You pick up a jar of this herby sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil from Trader Joe’s and add a couple of kalamata olives, a pinch of fancy salt, and a bit of crushed red pepper (if you’re feelin’ a little spicy), then whizz it up with a stick blender. Make sure you’re either not an idiot or not wearing your favorite Herbivore t-shirt so you don’t end up turning on the stick blender too soon and doing some oily damage to said t-shirt and sadness ensues.

Oily mess or not, when the tomato is all mushed up, dig in with chunks of yummy bread. You might make your special friend so happy that he brings you espresso while you’re typing later. (That’s what just happened to me! Thanks, Tom, you’re tops.)


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