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eggplant is no friend of mine

I don’t have to like everything. This is a point I think I drove home a little too hard while speaking on a panel at Try Vegan Week, but it’s important to warn people that when they’re pushing themselves to try new things, some of them are gonna suck. Whether it’s a variety you don’t like (ricemilk v. soymilk v. hempmilk) or simply poor preparation (restaurants that don’t know how to serve tofu should not serve tofu!), the quest for a healthy, well-rounded vegan diet is going to have its rough patches.

Sometimes, if I’m not instantly in love with a food but it’s really super good for me I’ll push myself—I’m looking at you, black beans—and evenutally I’ll come around, sort of.  Such is not the case with eggplant. Sure, you’ll hear “eggplant is a good source of B6,” but then you look at the numbers and one cup supplies 3% of your RDA of B6. Wow, I only need to eat 33 cups of eggplant, then that’s a vitamin I can scratch off for the day.

And when a vegetable is at its best fried?! Come on. I swear I’ve tried baba ghanouj a few times and roasted eggplant as part of a big ol’ plate of roasted vegetables, and there’s just something about the viscous creaminess that creeps me out. It has no real flavor of its own, at least not that I can taste. So if it’s a matter of finding a slice of it on a roasted vegetable sandwich, fine, we can politely ignore each other and plow through the task at hand, but let it be written that Michele has bought her last eggplant.

You hear me, eggplant gods, I defy thee! <pathetic, ineffective lightning strike>


5 thoughts on “eggplant is no friend of mine

  1. I can’t stand it either, have tried it every single way I can think of and still can’t stand the stuff. I do try and expose my kids to as many vegetables as I can but they have to try that out of the house as I won’t cook it!

    Eggplants are called aubergines over here in England, the fancy name doesn’t make them taste any better though…

  2. I am with you on this. I have tried hard to like eggplant, and I just can’t do it. Our campus’ new dining hall even has a curry potato and eggplant dish that I tried the other day, and I just ended up picking around the eggplant after an unsuccessful bite of the eggplant pieces. Oh well, I love most other veggies, so I am good with leaving eggplant to other folks.

  3. so good to see i’m not alone. i almost feel guilty when i can’t stand up for a popular vegan standard, but i can’t help it–i only like food that i like.

    i can do most of those eggplanty things with a nice fat summertime zucchini, but it’ll maintain a decent bite and have that gorgeous green flavor.

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