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Super-quick post here, cats ‘n’ kittens, because I’m crazy tired. This weekend is Portland VegFest, brought to you and yours by NW Veg. Seriously, click that link—there’s a $1 off coupon in it for you if you do.  Not that you won’t get your money’s worth of samples, but still, you’re gonna want to plan your day around all the demos and talks.

I’ll be there all weekend at the Vegan Iron Chef table. Stop by and wink at me. Pick up a button (hot off the presses from Portland’s own Small World Buttons), get your name on our news/volunteer list, and nominate the Portland chef you think should compete in 2011. If you’re just visiting for the weekend, talk to us about how to start Vegan Iron Chef in your city.

I’ll have some “save the date” fliers and preliminary sponsorship info for Vida Vegan Con 2011 too. Never heard of that? Well, if you’re a blogger (or blog-curious, I suppose), check it out.

OK, nighty night. Got an early morning. See you!


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