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veganmofo from the airport


Greetings from ORD! Just as I was resigning myself to a rather ironic first veganmofo post about how spotty the cuisine is when you’re basically being handed off from one suburban-dwelling relative to an even more remotely suburban-dwelling relative, I stumble upon these beauties at the airport. They almost make me forget that I just walked through my first body scanner.

The one I just ate a minute ago is dark chocolate ganache blended with acai, agave, and coconut milk, rolled in dried pomegranate. I know, right? Before too long I know I’m going in for the dark chocolate blended with agave and coconut milk, rolled in coconut.

While it’s true Vosges sells bacon chocolate bars, they also clearly  mark all their vegan chocolates. And this box? Straight-up Luscious Vegan Truffles? Kind of a surprise.

Truth be told, Missionary truffles are way creamier, but I bought these at the friggin’ airport, and they packed a hell of a chocolaty wallop.


2 thoughts on “veganmofo from the airport

  1. Vosges has a Red Fire bar (ancho chili, cinnamon, dark chocolate) and a Black Pearl bar (ginger, wasabi, and black sesame seeds) that are to die for!

  2. i superlove the red fire bar! they just came out with a handful of new flavors. most have butter or milk in them, but there’s a dark chocolate-n-peppermint candy one i wanted to try…but after laying down what i laid down for the truffles, um, next time.

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