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cranberrific upside-down cake

So I was at Trader Joe’s and wouldn’t you know it, a bag of cranberries caught my eye. Even though I had no idea what to do with them, those cranberries came home with me. To the Internet!

I got super excited about the from-scratch cranberry sauce I was going to make, then wait! Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and cranberries! No, wait! Cranberry nut(less) bread! No, wait! Cake! Cranberry cake! Cranberry upside-down cake!

I went with Manifest Vegan’s recipe [SAD UPDATE: I had linked to her recipe, but she’s since taken it down—and I never wrote it down, either! There are others online; just do some searchin’…and let me know if you find a good one.], and even though she said there’d be extra batter I went ahead and followed every letter. And yeah, there was extra batter. Did I cry? No! I put a little too much in the pan, then threw some extra cranberries in extra leftover extra batter and poured it into this little glass pan I pour all my extra batter in to make tiny extra cakes. Who doesn’t love extra cake?

And it’s so good! I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten a cranberry on its own, but if you haven’t, you needn’t bother. I’ll tell ya, it’s crap. I have to believe that long ago, somewhere on an island, the people had nothing else to eat and had to make cranberries palatable. That is the only reason anyone would have tried consuming these. That’s probably why cranberry juice is used in so many alcoholic beverages, because they had to get tanked before trying the next cranberry concoction. To those poor, poor, isolated humans I thank you. I’m sure you had a lot of misses before the hits.

And this cake is a hit. The sugary, spicy, tarty, jelly-y cranberry topping is perfect. I think I’d actually double it for the amount of cake. It’s a great coffee cake, and I have no doubt it’ll be even better tomorrow. And it’s perty too. So go forth and eat cranberry cake, and thank those poor cranpeople for all their hard work.


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