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astro vegan anytime tree!

Our story begins with Conan and a cone.

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV shows. I don’t have my television set hooked up to anything other than a computer, so unless something is streaming or on a disk or flash drive, I don’t see it. Luckily, I get to watch Conan (the ginger lad with a late-night talk show, not the barbarian) the day after it airs. On a recent show, he had wackadoo pop culturist Charles Phoenix on, and they participated in a little hands-on segment making this: The Astro Weenie Christmas Tree. Phoenix found inspiration in an old, mysterious slide of an old-timey family gathering. Watch!

So not vegan, but easily veganized. Well, I’ve got my cones and party picks, aluminum foil, a couple of strands of battery-powered LEDs (for that special Michele brand of pizazz), and a bunch of ideas for a sweet and savory tree.

Savory ideas:

Tofurky sausage
jalepeno-stuffed olives
Sheese cubes
carrots & radishes
mini crescent rolls (Pilsbury original crescents are vegan!)

Sweet ideas:

rice krispie treats
assorted Sweet n Sara marshmallows
peanut butter fudge
vegan doughnut holes/minis
licorice nibs/other squishy candy

With a New Year’s Eve Eve party to go to, I’m pretty excited to have an excuse to make these. Although, any excuse is a good excuse for a kitschy treat. (And yes, I’ll be back to tell ya how it went.)

UPDATE: Well, I tried two new truffle recipes and they both were just a little wrong, one too sweet and the other too soft, but I think I covered pretty well. Luckily, I live a half mile from Food Fight and was able to grab a Sin Dawg, some Sweet N Sara pecan marshmallows, and a bunch of pretty candies. The savory one was much easier. Tom and I built these at the party—I can’t imagine attempting to move these any farther than the distance between the kitchen and the living room!

And here’s a very blurry, low-light photo for you, complete with an impatient grabbyhand.


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