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vegfest 2011 cometh

This weekend! It’s here! It’s Portland VegFest, and it gets more insane every year. Produced by NWVeg, the event hosts hundreds of exhibitors, all anxious to sample and sell their wares. For $6 ($5 if you download this coupon), you also have access to an impressive schedule, including talks from health professionals, cooking demos, and chat time with “Ask the Experts.” And I can’t say for sure, but in the past, if you signed up as a new NWVeg member at the show you got an enormous bag of goodies.

One super cool note about Portland’s VegFest. Unlike at other similar events (my ugh experience in Seattle), all sampling is vegan. Exhibitors are told that even if they’re not a vegan company, whatever they sample to our crowd must be free of whey, honey—you know, the stuff vegetarians or those unfamiliar with vegans forget. Honestly, some of these companies, or the folks representing them at times, just don’t know. The Portland event seems to be big and important enough for them to send true representatives rather than relying solely on volunteers, but still, thanks to NWVeg for laying down the law.

And I’ll be there! This is the second year for the Vegan Iron Chef table, and instead of aprons we’ll be selling t-shirts and buttons. Maybe we’ll even have some yummy treats, and I promise to be nice to you if you come by and say hi…although as well evidenced, I’m simply no good at photos. If you’ve got some serious money burning a hole in your pocket, we can talk VIC2012 sponsorship. Just sayin’, we’re a broke-as-a-joke nonprofit with a huge event to produce.

So come on by, fill your belly with good, good things, and learn a little somethin’.


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