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mofo failure! the flat muffin

It’s natural. It happens to all of us sometimes. You’re baking something new and it turns out less than perfect. It’s edible—and as soon as you pull it out of the oven you know what you did wrong—but it’s just not what you dreamed of during the 40-minute wave of anticipation you were riding while you were making it.

The insult-to-injury part of this story is that while it was baking, I was writing my MoFo post. Did your heart just break a little? It was so positive and triumphant and celebratory and all things that are good. Wait, let me give you the first line:

Breakfast, it’s not just for diabetics anymore.

Oh, sadface.

What was I trying to do? Recreate the cappuccino muffins from In the Black, a closed-down coffee shop right by the office I worked at seven years ago when I lived in New York. Oh, and they weren’t vegan (but neither was I). Basically, it’s up to me if I ever want that muffin again.

I used the Vegan With a Vengeance Mocha Chip Muffin recipe, which I’ve made before and love as an almost-cupcake. I simply swapped the amounts for cocoa and coffee powder (I used the Medaglia D’Oro instant espresso powder, a staple in my kitchen) and added some cinnamon.

Here’s where I went wrong: Cocoa powder has bulk, acting like flour. The espresso powder simply melts. The flavor was aces, but as you can see, they’re a little flat. Totally edible, moist and delicious, to be sure, but I think I should have added almost a quarter cup of extra flour.

So maybe “failure” is a strong word.


8 thoughts on “mofo failure! the flat muffin

  1. I can’t even tell you how many times that kind of thing has happened to me. I say fight the good fight and keep trying! And then, by all means SHARE that recipe! Because cappuccino muffins?? That might be the most delicious thought I’ve had all day!

  2. Yeah, I think “failure” is a bit of a stretch – they’re not the most beautiful muffins, but I’d totally eat one (or two or three; let’s be real).

    As a side note, could your phrase “all things that are good” possibly be a Mighty Boosh reference? If not,ignore this question! If so, rock on!

  3. I don’t think they look like failures at all. They’re not even really flat, and they didn’t sink. The muffins I think of as failures are the ones that cave in and look kind of like candle holders. 😀

  4. In the Black is now an overpriced hair salon. Sigh…

    I would call this more of a test run. If you close your eyes while you eat it you’ll never know the diff.

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