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age, already!

I ditched all my cast iron when I moved across the country…or up the country…or, man, I don’t remember. I vowed to not move cast iron more than 5 miles ever again, so I’ve owned no cast iron for quite some time.

I have also lived in apartments for the past decade. As they’ve been the kind with strict rules regarding grilling on the balcony (when I’ve been lucky enough to score a balcony), I’ve gone without any means of grilling for quite some time.

Guess who’s done moving—me! I’m settling down, I think, enough to slowly build my collection of cast iron. What better start than a grill pan? Wanna know a secret? It’s technically a panini pan, but I ditched the top piece somewhere in the depths of my kitchen cabinets and guess what’s left: a grill pan.

This was ’round six months ago, and I use it several times a month, and it’s just not there yet. I did the proper seasoning, and i use it like you’re supposed to, but it’s taking forever to get all gorgeous and black and nonstick. I try to use as little oil as possible, to avoid having the smoke alarm go off, and I know it’s getting better, but every time, I lose a chunk or two out of my tempeh. See?

I know, chin up and all that. And it’s not that bad—dinner still looks good and tastes good.

This is my tempeh, simmered in a simple marinade for a few minutes then grilled with some Annie’s Original BBQ Sauce. I served it up with Trader Joe’s Creative Grains, which is a lazy man’s mixture of Israeli couscous, orzos, mini garbanzos, and other delights. Way easy. Way delicious. Way good for you. And way cheap.


5 thoughts on “age, already!

  1. Me, too. No matter what I do, I can’t get my grill pan to season. It’s also really really hard to clean. Not my favorite, but I want it to be.


  2. I tried to love cast iron, I really did. That it imparts some iron into your food and it’s supposed to be one of those things that gets better with time, I wanted it to be my favorite pan. Instead I found the whole “cleaning” process a drag (heating it with oil after each use, etc.). It was super heavy and never quite seemed clean. It was just more trouble than it was worth, and so like you, I got rid of mine before I moved across country. I sold it at a garage sale and was more than happy to say goodbye. I hope you have better luck with yours!

  3. Since we’ve moved, I only have two small cast iron pans. And I got rid of my cast iron muffin pans and griddle because they were so heavy. I do have some large enameled cast iron, though. I really want a griddle pan, and I’m disappointed to hear bad things about them, but I might still get one. 🙂

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