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peanut butter cup face-off!

Oh, it’s on.

After a night of dinner and drinks with good folk, we swung by the store and I was faced with a decision. Tried and true Justin’s or the wild card, Cleo’s?

Yeah, I got ’em both. It was time to answer the question: Which is the superior vegan peanut butter cup?

Let’s take a look at the two, shall we?

Justin’s (on the left) are a little larger, dark chocolate, and sittin’ pretty on top of a $1.00 off coupon that will go in my bag with the other $1.00 off coupons I will never remember to use. The Cleo’s are (rice) milk chocolate, so they’re more likely to taste like the peanut butter cups we grew up with. Points for nostalgia!

Let’s look closer still.

The Justin’s peanut butter cups look crumbly, while the Cleo’s again look homogenized like the ones from my youth. Honestly, at this point, I was betting on the Cleo’s.

But what happens when you stop looking at them and you eat them?

Turns out I’m still a Justin’s fan. They taste cleaner, you can taste the chocolate and the peanut butter. The Cleo’s peanut butter center may just as well not be there; it didn’t stand up as its own flavor. Justin’s has the salt, the starkness of the dark chocolate—I feel like an a-hole saying it, but it’s the more grown-up flavor of the two. Plus, it’s not as melty.

I mean, if you like Cleo’s, that’s cool, you know. Our taste buds just mature differently, that’s all. You’ll catch up.


9 thoughts on “peanut butter cup face-off!

  1. yep, i have to get my sjaak’s at vegan essentials–i usually buy several large handfuls at a time, so i can fill the bowl on my kitchen counter. we can get justin’s at whole foods, but i’m still having a tough time finding cleo’s anywhere but vegan essentials.

  2. I love Cleo’s! But then, you can’t actually get Justin’s in the UK and I’ve only had them once when I was over in the US on holiday. And Cleo’s are hard to come by and very expensive here, so they are a real treat!!

  3. I am so glad you tasted them both for me. I haven’t gotten the Cleo’s yet because they cost more. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like them after seeing the picture you posted though.

  4. I actually get irrationally angry when I go to a store and all the dark chocolate PB cups are gone, but the non-vegan ones are left. Because only vegans are allowed to buy the dark chocolate Justin’s, of course.

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