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belated diy donnerstag: bagels


Yeah, I made bagels. No big deal. Why is this a DIY, as opposed to any other food I made? Because bagels aren’t something you make. Well, at least they’re not something I make. I trust my local professional bageler. I mean, there’s a water bath involved! That’s pro stuff right there.

Or is it?

I just made some of the best bagels ever—and on my first try. After my amateur stunt, I can’t see what excuse grocery-store bakeries could possibly have for their crappy, white-bread-in-a-circle bagel wannabes!

I got this recipe online for my bread machine. It’s bread flour, salt, sugar, water, and yeast (of all things!), and the entire process, from measuring ingredients to beautiful, brown bagels, took around 2½ hours. And honestly, most of that time you’re not doing anything! The machines are doing the work for you.

Between the bread-machine phase and the oven phase, you’re charged with making your bagels bagel-shaped, boiling them in sugary water for a minute, then sprinkling them with whatever you want to sprinkle them with. I stuck with poppy for my first shot, but next time I’m doing an everything mix, dipping the damp bagels into it before placing them on the cookie sheet. It’s your chance to get way fancy! And the more stuff you top them with, the better you’ll be able to hide any imperfections.

And for the love of kittens, please enjoy your bagel in its pure form rather than toasting! Toasting is fine for old or inferior bagels. Your gorgeous, fresh, homemade gem has a chewy, tender texture you do not want to miss.


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