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a lesson in veganmofo

A month later, a post for every weekday (and some extras for Vida Vegan, Vegan Things I Like, and Get Sconed!), so what have I learned?

Have fun with it.

I’d read that people were stressing out, that life got in the way and they were having a hard time posting every day—that’s hardly the point of it! It’s a celebration of vegan food. Celebration’s a good thing. I think folks were intimidated by some of the crazy-pro MoFo’ers, with their amazingly planned menus and themes. There’s something to be said for the blogger who posts a photo of their work lunch every day, be it leftover fried rice, a gorgeous sandwich, or a cup o’ soup.That’s valid.

Sometimes your muffins will be flat, sometimes you’ll get sick and won’t be able to post, sometimes you form your croquettes and ask Tom to put them in the fridge but he puts them in the freezer instead and then they fall apart when you try to fry them. These things will happen. But you suck it up and either post about your failure or come up with something else.

Yup, that’s what I did tonight. I made a cake for Halloween. It is far from perfect, and I am far from caring. It’s 10:30 pm and we just finished frosting it. Now I have to eat a piece…which means I’ll be up for hours! Or maybe I should eat more so I run around and then crash, then Tom can just throw a blanket over me.

Anyway, here’s my John Wayne Gacy cake. (Maybe you grew up in New England and were told tales of the Founding Fathers; I’m from the Midwest—we had serial killers.) Happy Halloween, and Happy VeganMoFo!


6 thoughts on “a lesson in veganmofo

  1. Ok, that cake is awesome. I hope you’ve heard the song John Wayne Gacy Jr. by Sufjan Stevens – gives me the freakin’ chills. But I can’t stop listening to it.

  2. Exactly! Maybe we should put up “healthy MoFo guidelines” to ease the mental health of MoFoers next year?

    I saw a lot of guilt/shame surfacing in people’s posts if they didn’t post daily. Actually, most people didn’t seem to realize the (loose) goal was 20 posts, one for each weekday of October, not 31 posts. There seems to be a lot of perfectionism in the blogging community, so it’s not surprising that 31 was the stated goal of many, many bloggers.

    MoFo should cause eustress (good, motivating stress, ego syntonic stress) and not DIStress! MoFo should be EUstressful!!

    Anyway, it was an amazing MoFo as usual! I hope everyone keeps blogging as regularly as possible without overwhelming themselves.

    Vegan Fazool blog

    P.S. I dig your JWG cake!

  3. I MoFoed last year, but this year school was just too demanding so I “let it go” and took pleasure in reading blogs every day and skipped writing in my own.
    Also, that is THE BEST CAKE EVER!!!

  4. that cake looks awesome.. i totally agree with dawn.. i had kept a 20 post min.. but got stressed out anyway coz my parents were visiting and i hardly got any online time most of oct…:) but i totally loved mofo.. now i can spend all of november and all other months leisurely looking at all mofo blogs..:)

    and for some mental calm.. there should be a mofo Maui getaway in november for all next year 😉

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