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resisting the urge to use a cat pun for the title: the teal cat project

It’s been a couple of months, and my adopted teal kitties are getting along just fine with the old housekitty. I really wasn’t worried.

I hate to assume everyone’s already heard about The Teal Cat Project, so I’m gonna talk atcha, and you can choose to listen or not. Basically, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and friends collect unwanted cat tchotchkes, give them a pretty coat, then adopt them out to new homes, donating the cash to organizations that help real, live kitties.

Chance are, if you go to the site right now (whenever that is—hey there, the future!), the kitties will be all gone. When the folks at Teal Cat HQ get a litter together, they go fast. My advice to you is to follow them on Twitter or Facebook so you can snatch one of these sweeties before everyone else.

You can help in other ways. You could buy a t-shirt (they run small, so size up unless you got it and want to flaunt it), just straight-up donate some cash, or pick up whatever crafty items they currently have. Art prints, plushies, note cards made with so much love! Or…

Buy some chocolate! Right now, Lagusta’s Luscious is selling these toffee tabbies, donating 50% of the price to Teal Cat. And yes, I do happen to be in the middle of rounding out my order. (Shipping’s like 10 bucks, so I plan to make it worth my while.)

Can you donate a kitty? Absolutely. The Teal Cat Project wouldn’t be what it is without donated tchotchkes. They’ve got some guidelines, like no new dollar-store or valuable kitties. If you find one at a garage sale or thrift store for under $5, perfect. Kitties you’ve had since before you can remember (like my sweet little Snowball in the opening photo) should stay with you—they’ve already got their forever homes.

I’ll leave you with one last piece of advice: If you really want a kitty but can’t afford it, post a link on your mom’s Facebook page with a comment like, “Boy, I sure would love to help out this group by buying a kitty,” or “Sure, you SAY you love me, but…” Works like a charm. (I love you, Mom, and would never ever dream of manipulating you unless it’s for a really good cause!)


3 thoughts on “resisting the urge to use a cat pun for the title: the teal cat project

  1. The :Mom” thing, works every time. And no Mom in her right mind cares. We will be manipulated til the day we die and love every minute of it.

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