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the laziest awesomest pasta

I love that this is our middle-of-the-week, no-time-to-cook, don’t-care pasta dish. It takes about as much time and effort as that spaghetti with Ragu you just might have grown up with.

Step One: Empty contents of this jar into a skillet. Add chopped-up kale and extra garlic if you feel like getting a little fancy.

Step Two: Open freezer to extract packaged gnocchi from the sea of apple halves (for future breads-n-cakes), burritos, and Gardein products. After cutting package open, dump contents into boiling water for a few minutes. As for the gnocchi, I really like this Rising Moon Organics frozen stuff. It can be pricey, but I try to pick up a few when it’s on sale—it’s frozen, so you don’t have to worry about it. I’ve had bad luck with the packaged, shelf-stable gnocchi, but it could be me. Gnocchi’s tough, you know?

Step Three: Toss gnocchi in sauce. Split into two bowls and cover with nooch. Then catch up on laundry or whathaveyou.


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