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the portland vegan calendar

No, it’s not photos of naked vegans reading books, riding public transportation, and gardening…although that gives me a great fundraising idea. I just realized there’s quite a bit going on in the next few months so I should probably get it all in one place and share it with you. If new stuff pops up I’ll update this. but here we go for now:

Sunday, 4/22:
The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale: Portland Edition
11am-4pm at Mississippi Marketplace
Vegan bakers from all over Portland are coming together to raise money for Portland Animal Welfare, Friends of Trees, and Team Rubicon’s tornado disaster relief project. Buying a cupcake never did so much good.

Sunday, 4/22: Vida Vegan & BridgePort Exquisite Beer Dinner
6pm at BridgePort Brewpub
The BridgePort chefs are putting together a 4-courser for us. 10% of the ticket sales go to Merciful Maiden Critter Haven, and everyone goes home with a little goodie bag. Order your tickets now or you will miss out.

Saturday, 5/12:
Vegan Convergence 3.0
1pm-5pm at Colonel Summers Park
It’s a giant potluck. Seriously, a giant potluck in the park. Get some sun and eat some mystery salad with some kind of grain!

Saturday, 6/16: Vegan Iron Chef: Scrambletown
2pm-4:30pm at the Dining Room at Taborspace
Open amateur/pro competition to see who’s got the best scramble in town. Spectators get to sample the scrambles. If we learned anything from the last open competition (Operation HotDish), this thing will sell out super fast. Check out VeganIronChef.org.

Saturday, 6/23: Race for the Animals
8am in Lower MacLeay Park
Fundraising run/walk 5K or 10K. I volunteered for the first one a few years ago and it was crazy packed. I can only imagine the crowd has gotten bigger. Register today, and I’ll see you there (in what capacity I have no idea).


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