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A bit ago, Janessa, Jess, and I were asked to give a little presentation at the Rose Schnitzer Manor, a Jewish assisted-living home in the Portland suburbs. They were already serving a few meatless meals a day and wanted to use and learn more about plant-based proteins. How cool is that?

What we ended up making for them was a big berry salad with maple-agave tempeh, and a baked tofu mac-n-chee. (We’ll be doing a full post on this at Vida Vegan HQ, complete with recipes.) We talked with them about the benefits of a vegan diet and ran through some accessible alternative proteins, from seitan and tempeh to tofu and legumes.

We were surprised by how many questions they had for us—and I’m not just counting the seven times Ruth asked what kind of cheese we used. There was a question about the effect of widening veganism on the cattle industry. We had a nice little dialogue on how they could get more options from their cafeteria, since most of them couldn’t shop or cook for themselves anymore.

And they ate the food! And most of them liked it! Of course we were dealing with the 30 or so folks who came to hear us, who made the effort, but I was still impressed. Who says you can’t teach a really mature dog new tricks? All you have to do is try.



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