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Sweet Hereafter

Whenever we can, my PNW Kale Chip friends and I try to punctuate farmers market weekends with a well-deserved late lunch. More often than not, The Sweet Hereafter is our spot. Super-nice staff, reasonable prices, a covered patio, and plain ol’ good food—it’s exactly what we need after getting up at the crack of dawn (or before it) and explaining for 4 or 5 hours the difference between kale and kelp.

If you’ve been to the Bye & Bye on Alberta, you get the general idea. This is sort of like the SE Belmont branch. The menu’s a little different, as is the art, but the feel is about the same, and it’s all vegan all the time.

I pretty much always get the Eastern Bowl, sauce on the side. This is rice topped with a ton of noochy tofu and broccoli. The sauce is peanuty and delightful, but I’d much rather do the fork-dip thing than douse my food with it. No, it doesn’t go to waste; there’s always someone at the table more than willing to put my extra sauce to use.

This is what it looks like with sauce—and avocado. As much as I love avocado, I can’t mix hot and cold like this and throw an extra texture into the mix. If you can, more power to you.

Tom’s go-to is the Buffalo Sub, and yes, it’s exactly as huge as it looks. This giant roll is filled with marinated soy curls, a miso cheesy sauce, some sort of Ranch, lettuce, and tomato. I don’t know how he does it.

I meant to get a photo of this before they ate half of it, but these ladies were hungry and there was no stopping them until they’d plowed through one of the pretzels. It’s served with a nutty cheesy sauce and seedy mustard. I personally would rather have a garlic-buttery something for dipping, but that’s just me. Know what? I bet it’s not. Hey, Sweet Hereafter, get on it! We want garlic!

Oh yeah, and it’s a bar that makes tasty drinks. Like this Bloody Mary. You don’t have to ask if it’s vegan…or wonder if they were telling you the truth when they said yes. Helpful hint: If you go to a bar with me and I order a Bloody Mary, stay close and you could wind up with a bunch of pickled vegetables. I can eat the olives but that’s pretty much it, because I still think vinegar is ga-ross.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Hereafter

  1. I almost always go for the EB myself, but you’ve blown my mind by getting the sauce on the side and adding avocado. Must try, and vegan bloody Marys are my favorite!

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