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You know what’s exciting to me? Changing menus.  As hard as it is saying good-bye to your favorites, when a restaurant or food truck you trust switches things up a bit, it’s an easy way to try something new.

My friends over at The Cheese Plate PDX (I wrote about them just after they opened here) are already getting ready to move into their third menu, autumn, part two. New stuff will include a kaley, mushroomy, squashy pasta, ginger-cardamom cider, and maaaaybe a full-on vegan version of their fancy cheese plate. (I know they’re working on it.)

But let’s take a look at what we just picked up, what you can still mow down on with autumn, part one, and will probably make the part two cut. Remember, the pickles can change from week to week, as they’re refrigerator pickles.

The vegan grilled cheese started out as a special and has graduated to the permanent menu. This is Daiya cheddar fancied up with a tangy homemade vegan fromage fort. Wanna add tomato? Just ask.

I’m a sucker for the picnic plate. You don’t see the homemade crackers in this shot. What you do see is pickled beets and beans, melon with cardamom sea salt, red pepper jam, and mushroom pâté with vegan caviar. I love how each little component holds its own. There’s no filler. The melon isn’t garnish, it’s its own set of flavors and textures. The pepper jam is a bright, crisp combination of sweet and savory; sure, you could hide it in a burger, but alone on a cracker you can appreciate its complexity.

The downside of the changing seasons is shortened hours for this little cart. I’d highly suggest you like them on Facebook if you’re around—they’re really good at keeping people posted about unusual hours (including when some good-for-nothing so-and-so slashes and steals their power cord—boo). Also, they love input, so they’re always throwing out ideas and questions to bounce off the public. (That’s you!)


6 thoughts on “UncheesyMoFo

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  2. I pass by here all the time but have never stopped! As a new Portlander, I suppose I should learn to drop my judgments at the door and accept that places with non-vegan names *probably* offer good vegan options! The picnic plate sounds divine.

  3. Hello!! I’m the co-owner of The Cheese Plate. Yes, yes, the name really is slightly misleading. From go we’ve known we wanted to offer more than just the token uninspired vegan option. We’ve been vegan on and off for years- and 100% support vegan lifestyle and believe that vegan food does not have to be a boring running-up to the “real” thing. We make our own vegan cheese spread (made of cashews, white wine, garlic, vegan cream cheese, nut yeast, lemon and herbs) which we use on our grilled cheeses (along with melty Daiya and soon-to-be Heidi Ho’s vegan cheese). We are working on getting together a vegan cheese plate. We may focus on our vegan grilled cheeses until the weather gets warm again- then pull out the vegan cheese plate. We’ll always have plenty of vegan options via our “sides” (aka “picnic plate” in the warmer months) including Pacific Northwest Kale Chips and a seasonal vegan pâté). Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu and we’re always open to experiment with customers to make a sandwich or plate that is unique to your taste. We’ve had customers invent some pretty interesting combinations! I really appreciate Vegtastic Voyage giving us so much love. We really do take our vegan options seriously and have been so happy for the warm reception. If you come by, let us know you came via Vegtastic Voyage.

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