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Hardly the first time I’ve written about Veggie Grill, but is my first VeganMoFo post about them, so there.

Tom had class after work tonight, so in his hour break he wanted to grab some food. Sure, according to some it’s my job to have dinner on the table for my family, but guess what, I was busy all day. Instead, we needed convenience. And that’s what Veggie Grill is all about. And I thank them for that.

Each time I go, I almost convince myself to try something different. Get the kale salad with tempeh or the fakey crab cake sandwich—you know you like ’em. But I don’t. No, Tom and I always order the same things.

(All I had with me was my phone and the lighting’s not fantastic. For waaaaaay prettier photos, and better coverage of the menu, check out my previous post.)

Tom’s favorite is the Santa Fe with Sweetheart Fries. It’s basically fried chick’n with spicy mayo.

And mine is the Bayou chick’n, with pesto instead of the mayo. Side of choice? The onion rings. Yes, even though it’s not on the menu you can order onion rings as a side. They’re not my favorite kind of onion rings (I prefer a thinner coating), but I went into what’s basically a burger joint and I ordered onion rings, and this is marvelous.

There was no room in my belly for the carrot cake. After eating a full meal there, there’s never room. I should just swing by sometime and pick up carrot cake to go, because I’m never going to have the forethought to get one to go while I’m there so I can stick it in the fridge for the next day. Because I’m an idiot. Whatever. Happy Thursday.


2 thoughts on “InAHurryMoFo

  1. you did that for me. and having the carrot cake the next day was just as wonderful if not better than trying to eat dessert after a full meal. I am still telling people about it.

  2. I tend to get the same thing repeatedly in a restaurant too. If it ain’t broke… carrot cake is my favorite dessert though. maybe you SHOULD go back and pick some up for me too. Eh?

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