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I hate Instagram.

I had refused to open an Instagram account, but I finally agreed to host the VidaVeganHQ one. I use it to post photos from Vida Vegan meetings, scouting trips, or points of interest in cities where we might hold a conference or seminar.

Without getting too negative about instant- or microblogging, I’ll just say that I’m trying hard to not throw poorly lit, useless-effect photos up. I’ll try to appreciate what the tool is for, to quickly share snapshots. Menu items I liked but probably aren’t worth a whole blog post, points of interest, and bits of Portland whimsy—that’s what I’ll try to use my/VVHQ’s Instagram for.

And I do apologize for the painfully even tone of my writing here. Trying so hard to avoid negativity, totally incapable of positivity… Anyway, here’s a handful of photos I’ve posted. Enjoy! (Now that was just sarcastic.)

My first Instagram post: I picked this bowl of blueberries next to my house to share at a Vida Vegan meeting.

Samples at the Native Foods demo, at Chicago VeganMania

The vegan option for lunch at the International Food Blogger Conference. No, really.

I found this outside a nursery on Mississippi in Portland. They sold slingshots inside for use with these.

Sushi with ginger-flavored vegan caviar

Impromptu Vida Vegan meeting midday during our Chicago location-scouting trip. Intelligentsia is my favorite of favorites.

Pepper season at the Montavilla farmers market

And of course, the vegan chick’n and waffles at Terrace Point Cafe, The Wynn, Las Vegas


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