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a night on alberta

alberta n 23rd

Last night was the first night for Captured by Porches at the 23rd & Alberta pod, where they join The Cheese Plate PDX. I’ve written about The Cheese Plate before and again, and having a beer cart move in just seems the perfect fit. Nibblies and libation. Now all they need is a coffee cart.

cbp exterior

The little camper is just the backdrop for the bar—you order up front then you can chill inside.

cbp interior

How sweet is this? Plenty of seating and tables for chit-chattin’ with friends. So Portland, right? This is actually the part I love—no ironic unicycles, no saggy yet tight jeans—just recycled and thrifty goodness.

cbp gamesSee, everything you need to get comfy, almost like you’re on a mini vacation. Curl up with a book. Challenge a not-drunk friend to a game of Scrabble. What I didn’t get a photo of, because I didn’t want to interrupt a group of strangers enjoying the evening and each other, was the fire pit. Yup, they’ve got some chairs back there with a little fire.

Co. Zy.

Then we walked over to the Bye & Bye to meet some friends. It’s so hard to take decent photos in there (love the dimness for atmosphere, but it’s not great for capturing images). Luckily, I had the big ol’ digital SLR with me—amazing, the difference a good camera makes. No way would I be able to get these out of my phone or point-n-shoot!

bye n bye weeping tiger

Tom got his usual—no, wait, his always—the Weeping Tiger with a side of chips ‘n’ salsa. It’s a basic spicy tofu sandwich…but it’s a really good basic spicy tofu sandwich.

bye b bye spaghetti

I strayed from my usual grilled cheese and got the spaghetti, mainly because I wanted garlic bread. I don’t eat the fakey meatballs in this because they creep me out, but everybody else seems to love them.

Oh, and everyone at the table made fun of me for the way I eat my spaghetti, winding the pasta up in my fork, using the spoon as a base. Why would they give you the spoon if you weren’t meant to use it?! And it’s effective. Anyone else out there use their spoon for spaghetti winding?

bye n bye victrola

This is my lovely cocktail, the Victrola, a tart little fruity number. I usually win at ordering, but I failed to see the Specials board… where they had hot buttered rum. I stole a sip of a friend’s. Delightful. Mother-lovin’ delightful. Lesson learned: Always check the Specials board.


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