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neato salt glasses

salt glasses dark

Edible barware. Recyclable or biodegradable corn plastic can kiss my green ass. These babies slowly erode…in your mouth.

I found them while doing Christmas shopping online and picked them up for Tom. Not like we drink tequila all the time, but I thought they were cool. (And when he opened them he thought so too.) They’re Himalayan salt, and when you drink from them, it’s like every sip has a consistent little salt rim. I took a shot of water (Spring Break! Whoooooh!!!) and it was definitely salty.

While not really a tequila-shots girl, I would make tiny margaritas in these. They hold approximately 2 ounces (they’re all slightly different sizes), so it’s a few sips. You shouldn’t leave standing liquid in them or they’ll erode faster—and I imagine your drink will pick up more of a salty flavor the longer it sits.

So sort of novelty, but also sort of genius, right?

salt glasses lightAnd the photo up there is shot in low light with candles behind them. Here’s what they looked like during the day. Who drinks tequila during the day? Really? You might want to talk to someone about that. No judgement, just a suggestion. I’m more concerned than anything…


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