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candies and kitties, these are good things

Do forgive my Valentine’s post; it’s just so on theme I can’t resist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the whole love thing, but most holidays tend to leave some folks feeling as though they are lacking in some sense, and that I don’t dig.

What I do dig is people coming together to do something good while having fun doing it. Teal Cat Project and Obsessive Confection Disorder recently joined forces to raise some cash for kitties while spreading the sweet, sweet love via chocolate and caramel and cookies.

teal cat ocd box

This campaign was so popular that by the time my box was delivered (thanks, Mom!), they’d already sold out. This is the case with most Teal Cat campaigns, not just the candy variety, so connect with them in every social media way possible. You want to be ready to pounce (cat reference, yes!) the moment they announce the next litter of upcycled teal kitties.

teal cat ocd candies

And lookee what was inside the box! A Mel’s Way bar (coconut milk caramel, Sweet & Sara marshmallow, and chocolate), Love Nips (coconut-lavender-vanilla cookies), Love Bomb Lollies (think really high-end vegan toffee made with whiskey, covered in chocolate), and Rose Petal Caramels (sweet and fruity caramel drizzled with chocolate). Dang, right? And everything was nut-free so I could share with Tom…not that he had much of a chance, because, man, I plowed through this trove.

teal cat ocd kittens

And when the candy was gone, my own little adoptees fought over the box. See? Something for everyone. Thanks, TCP and OCD…and again, Mom!


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