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bun in the oven: a new vegtastic voyage is on its way

make new blog

Thought I was having a kid? No way, no how. I am, however, working on a new site. Well, my designer dork friend Dave is doing most of the work, but I’m doing my best to fulfill my duties as a demanding pain in the ass.

It’ll be self-hosted so you won’t see those random ads WordPress.com throws around here. I mean, I can’t blame them; this is a pretty amazing almost-free blog service. And you won’t see ads on my new site either. I’m still ad-free, baby. The main reason I’m going self-hosted is so I can start another site for my writing and editing—rent does still need to be paid.

Anyway, if one day you come back to VegtasticVoyage.com and it looks way different, that’s why. See you soon! (Until then, I’ll still post little thoughts and photos and bits o’ news on Facebook.)


4 thoughts on “bun in the oven: a new vegtastic voyage is on its way

    • No can do! My oven’s been out of order for a good decade.

      Your blog looks great — it did before too, of course. I super love all your dotted lines and little birds so I just got nervous they’d disappeared!

  1. how exciting! it’s always so fun and refreshing to do a bloggie make-over! I like the look of my blog right now… but you never know when the bug will hit to start messing with things. 🙂

  2. Kittee, you might be in for a surprise on that eventually. There’s a rumor that after Google Reader and Feedburner getting killed off this year, Blogspot will be next in their sites. It’s just a rumor, but so was Feedburner and Reader at one point.

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