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vegans, stand and be counted!

I saw this come in from the London Vegan and Vegetarian Societies: @AllAnimalVegan is trying to figure out how accurate the presumed vegan population is. She’s doing it the simplest way she knows how, just askin’.

So, do we make up 1% of the world? Let’s find out. Of course we can’t reach the entire world—the Internet is hardly a given in many regions—but this could net some interesting data. (The 10-question survey asks for your city and country, so it’s possible to get some good numbers from major cities, especially.) Anyhoo, spread the word as far and wide as you can and let’s see what happens.

Fill out the survey here.

Seriously, it’ll take you 30 seconds. There’s no deadline, per se, but she’s looking to produce some initial results at the end of the month (August), so be a pal and clickity-click the link right now!



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