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farromofo: breakfast farro


I’m starting off VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food) the way you should start every day, with a hearty breakfast.

This is actually my first try for farro—and I cheated a little, using Trader Joe’s quick farro. I have another brand in the pantry that cooks for an hour (or you can soak it overnight), but this stuff only takes 10-12 minutes. I can do that.

What is farro? Another one of them new ancient grains the kids love so damn much. The term can be used to mean a few different grains, but most of the world is on board with the emmer grain, so if you see a recipe that calls for farro, you can go to the store and buy farro and it’ll probably be the right thing.

So what do you do with it? Most of the recipes that pop up are savory—lots of folks talk about it popping up on Italian menus—but I went a bit sweet with it for my maiden voyage. When I first cooked it up, I just boiled in water so I could get an honest taste, and it seemed like a cross between oatmeal and brown rice. So why not oatmeal it up with a little cinnamon, fakey butter, brown sugar, hempseed, raisins and blueberries?

What do I super love about it? I’m not blown away that it has more protein than wheat. Whatever, I’m set for protein. I don’t have gluten issues, so the fact that it’s a low-gluten grains, like spelt (one of the three “farro” grains in some parts of the world or in some eras), again, whatever. I love that it’s foolproof and hearty. Leftovers are easily brought back to life with a little dunk in boiling water. Even after two reheats, I noticed no difference in texture. Especially in a home where maybe you’re the only one eating it, that’s pretty cool. And if you do the long-cookin’ kind, the fact that you get more than one shot with it makes that time commitment a little better justified.

So yeah, farro. In a burrito or for breakfast…or a breakfast burrito. Happy VeganMoFo!

(For those of you who don’t know the MoFo, that means I’ll be posting every weekday throughout September. See you tomorrow!)


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