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finalemofo: cocktails and the quest for the tater tot taco shell

bnb_victrolaHappy last day of VeganMoFo!

It’s been, as is the case with VeganMoFo, a month of successes, failures, and inspiration. One accomplishment I’m very proud of is finally making my own giardiniera…and using said giardiniera on Italian seitan “beef” sandwiches. One failure I did not share with you was the vegan s’mores waffle, a waffle topped with way too much chocolate and marshmallow. I ate it, but the sugar made me so crazy that my cats hid from me—I just didn’t think it was right to put that sort of destruction on the Internet.

And one task I have set up for myself, which I really wanted to perfect and share with you by the end of MoFo, is the Tater Tot taco shell, or the totilla. My Vida Vegan partner Janessa mentioned it and I figured it couldn’t be too tough, so I accepted the challenge. And I’m getting closer. Experimenting with different binding recipes and cooking methods, I expect to figure it out before too long—and believe you me, you’ll know when I do! It’ll be the breakfast tacos to end all breakfast tacos.

But when my latest attempt failed this evening, after a very long day, I told Tom that I could really go for a cocktail, so it was off to the Bye & Bye. Pictured up top is the Victrola, tart and smart.

bye_and_bye_cocktailThe rest of these photos are going to be a bit grainy, and I apologize. We were in the very dim back patio, and all I had was my phone.

Here’s the signature Bye & Bye, which Tom started off with and I chose as my second cocktail. Anyone who has never ordered one of these, it is deceptively sweet and delicious. It will knock you on your butt if you are not careful.

bnb_meatball_sandwichWhile I almost always get the grilled cheese (rarely straying), Tom has 100% always ordered the Weeping Tiger tofu sandwich. Until tonight. He went with the “meat”ball sub and was not displeased. It normally comes topped with almond parm, but that could potentially kill him (nut allergy!), so they swapped in some Daiya.

empty_bye_and_bye_cocktailAnd, finally, empty glasses on a rainy night, bringing a delightful end to a very long, very stressful day. Good company and good food—I just couldn’t be happier with where I am. (Thank you, Tom and Portland and the Bye & Bye.) A pretty nice end to the Vegan Month of Food.


3 thoughts on “finalemofo: cocktails and the quest for the tater tot taco shell

  1. I’m finally getting caught up on reading MoFo posts, and this is making me miss Portland! Bars+vegan food is the best thing ever, and Portland reigns king in this department.

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