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I’m moving!

A couple of handfuls of months ago, I said I was upgrading and redesigning…then a whole lot of life happened.

But I think tonight’s the night. VegtasticVoyage.com should migrate to the slightly fancier new site. It’ll still be the same URL, and I’m using the subscription migration service, so you should still be subscribed (if you are now, that is).

I’ll wait to post anything new until I’m sure the redirect happens…so, um, I guess this is it. Wish me luck!

UPDATE (not really): Still in transition! I’m getting help from a friend because webstuffs is not my strong suit, so I’m working around his schedule and waiting for hosting sites to talk to each other.

If you want to see what the new site will look like, check it out here: http://micheletruty.com/vegtasticvoyage/!


2 thoughts on “I’m moving!

    • Indeed. Getting help as I go, but it’s a slow, sucky process. I think the new one is live at vegtasticvoyage.micheletruty.com — just a couple more steps ’til the mapping is all fixed up!

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