my 2013 vida vegan con…test


So you missed out on (or just plain lost) Janessa‘s contest. Don’t cry, my sweet, because unlike that time you—oh, you know what you did—here you get a second chance.

We at Vida Vegan want everyone to come to our conference so we make sure to give away some scholarship spots (deadline loooong past) and we each hold a contest. Last time mine was an edible self-portrait. This year I’m making it a little easier…or at least requiring fewer ingredients. It’s a little old fashioned, but I’m a sucker for haiku—and if that’s a little too uptight for you, I have an equal love of limericks.

The subject matter? Something vegan or VVC related. Write a haiku about the perfect tofu scramble or adopted shelter kitty. Or a limerick about being the only vegan in your town or the social anxiety of coming out from behind your keyboard to meet other vegan bloggers.

Do you have to be a vegan blogger to attend (or win)? Nope. We have other blog-curious or blogger-to-bes at VVC. Check out the agenda and decide if you can handle three days of hanging out with us. If so, get out your cruelty-free quill and get to writin’.

What exactly do you win? Full-access registration to this year’s Vida Vegan Con, being held at the Portland Art Museum May 24-26, 2013. This covers all classes, conference meals (breakfasts, lunches, snacks) and receptions, the SWAG Bag of Wonder, and a ticket to the Saturday night Galarama & Silent Auction for Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW. You do not win travel or lodging, outside meals, or additional merch. Still pretty good, though, right?

Submission: Email your 5-7-5 or potentially bawdy rhymes to me at VegtasticVoyage [at] gmail [dot] com by Thursday, February 28. I will decide all by myself which piece most delights me and will share the winning poem Friday, March 1. No transfers, no cash equivalent, blah, blah, legal blah.

Good luck to you and you and you.