vida vegan con news!

Vida Vegan Con III Date Change landscapeAs you may know, I’m one of the trio behind Vida Vegan, home of Vida Vegan Con, the vegan media and lifestyle conference. We started out as purely a blogger conference but have widened our scope a bit to include video, audio, presenting/speaking, publishing, and some general philosophy/sociology/lifestyle aspects of veganism. We figure if folks are better at writing and talking about a cruelty-free life, that’s going to help those around us see that this vegan thing ain’t so weird or tough. Good for the animals. Good for the earth. Good for our health. Boom.

So with that out of the way, two giant bits o’ news:


After a gut-punching monkey wrench of a scheduling error, we have finally been able to announce our new date for Vida Vegan Con III, in (one of my favorite vegan-friendly cities) Austin, Texas: May 29-31, 2015. Mark those calendars, ’cause it’s on. Regular registration doesn’t open until August 1, but as part of announcement #2 (don’t skip ahead!), limited Early Bird registration and inclusive packages will be available tomorrow, Friday, June 13, at 8:00 a.m. PST. These are $60 off regular price, so cha-ching! (It’s below cost for us, but it’s fun and we’ll just work super hard to get loads of great sponsors to make it up.) For more information on this and speaker applications, visit our site.

Vida Vegan Membership Drive

One of the coolest things about Vida Vegan Con is that the attendees and speakers are really on equal footing and are able to turn to one another for advice, skill sharing, and general friendstuffs. We hang out when we travel, we consult one another when we’re buying a new camera—you get the idea. We have a private Facebook group for past VVC’ers and it’s great except if you’re not on Facebook. So the grand plan is to expand our website to include member pages and a forum. That costs cash. Like a ridiculous amount of cash.

So we’re baby-steppin’ it. Our members will be part of our inner-circle-type group, which we’ll turn to for input as we move forward with Vida Vegan developments. Members also have a chance to opt in to be connected with vegan-friendly brands for potential samples, reviews, and such—and of course they’ll receive VVHQ discounts and other opportunities.

To kick things off, from June 13 through July 31, we’re holding a Membership Drive, with crowdfunding-style perks: from shout-outs to a personalized postcard or Instagram photobomb from VVC III (if you can’t join us), all the way up to a trip to Portland and brunch with me and my VVHQ co-founders, Janessa and Jess. You know you want to brunch with us. Janessa will have a bag of nooch in her purse, Jess will ask you lots of questions, and I will make funny faces and show you how to order the best breakfast of sides.

So I’m off to do what I can to ensure a smooth launch. Wish me luck, and I hope to see you in Austin!


holiday hosting: a vida vegan event

holiday party revisedBefore I shoot off for London (I still hope to post a Body Image entry later this week), I wanted to tell you guys about this event I’m organizing with the rest of Team Vida Vegan.

It’s Holiday Hors D’oeuvres & How-Tos, a DIY Celebration. We’ll have demos on cocktails (and mocktails) for a crowd, small bites (both sweet and savory), and crafty décor things you can absolutely handle. We’ll focus on stuff you can do ahead of time and bring together easily so you don’t have to stress out about clearing the smoke out of your kitchen and getting the frosting out of your hair before your guests arrive.

I’ve already started pulling together all the bits and pieces for the papercraft table, where everyone can hang out and make their own gift tags and cards. My favorite part of the holiday season is wrapping presents and making my own tags—I can’t imagine buying them now.

We found this neato space in Northeast, Milagros Family Room, attached to a children’s boutique. It’ll be a pretty small group, say 20 or so, so we can keep the demos manageable and it’ll have a nice little party feel, much like yours might be. And there’ll be plenty of our demo’d items and other nibbles, so everyone can try everything! Plus, you’ll leave with recipes and instructions, and a little take-home gift we’re putting together.

So if you’ll be in Portland December 7 (and are at least 21 years old!), get your ticket now—to both save your space and to avoid the price going up after Thanksgiving. Hope to see you there. You never know, we’ve been joking about wearing matching dresses, which equally horrifies and delights me.